After making an update to the map we can launch the new map "de_colier"
de_colier : The overview

The Map take a big time :
From 31 october 2011 To 24 january 2012
The map is created by : Khalil "K.Gw" BenSaid
Textures are complited by : Tibor "Tibbse" Serestyen
For Watching the Full album of the map :
About de_colier
Max players : 14
Compilation time : 237.90 seconds elapsed [3m 57s]
Working duration : 117 days

The Update
- The Bomb site A & the bomb site A ( bigger )
- The Middle area ( remove some boxes )
- Distance between T Spawn and A spot : 15 secondes*
* : 15 secondes in solo game that's mean in multigame will be more time

Special Thanks

For Sure we have a special thanks to all players and fans who wait us for this work !
And Yeeah ,  We Must Give a thank to "DEADMAU5" and its magic songs wich was with us all the time !

Hope You enjoy it ! and thanks !

Map and Textures By :
Khalil "K.Gw" BenSaid -
Tibor "Tibbse" Serestyen